About Me

My reflectionI am a small town Iowa girl living in the burbs of Northwest Chicago. Married to my best friend, we have 3 beautiful boys, a dog and a crazy-fun-filled life!

I began my career as a middle school social studies teacher and cross country coach in Atlanta, GA. In 2005, I left the classroom to work for SMART Technologies. For almost seven years I had the opportunity to travel the country as a trainer and education consultant, working with school districts to maximize their investment in instructional technology. This led to several opportunities to work internationally with educators in London, Egypt, Mexico and Canada.

In 2011 I began a new chapter with Discovery Education as a Director for the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). For over two years I traveled the country to work with educators in large, urban districts. By providing a mix of in-person and virtual support, I helped connect educators to one another, allowing them to share best practices and explore new ways to integrate technology and digital media in the classroom. From Google Hangouts to Days of Discovery, I have had the honor of connecting with some of the most amazing and passionate educators I know.

Throughout my career I have continually sought out opportunities to grow professionally. As a result, I’ve sat through my fair share of workshops, seminars, classes and retreats. As an avid reader and reflective practitioner, I am always looking for new opportunities to share what I have learned with others. I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts on any topic I find interesting, for any reason, at any time. My hope is that you will find my blog interesting, entertaining and inspiring.

To give you an idea of what this blog is about, let me start by explaining my fundamental beliefs.

1. I believe in the power of learning.

2. I believe in inspiring others (especially my children).

3. I believe I have more to learn from you than you do from me.

4. I believe every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

5. I believe living a healthy lifestyle is easy once you learn the tricks.

6. I believe although you don’t always have control over what happens in life, you always have control of your perspective.

7.  I believe, just like Jim Collins,  “Good is the enemy of Great”.

8. I believe in the power of humor.

9. I believe a small group of people have the power to change the world when they follow their passion.

10. I believe my family and friends are some of the most inspiring people I know.

If you share some or all of these beliefs, I hope you enjoy reading and encourage you to be an active participant.




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