Your Best Self


When you think about the person you are today, and compare her to the best-version-of-yourself, is there a gap? If so, what specific area(s) of your life need a boost?

Think of your overall wellness as a wheel. In order to ride your bike (or drive your car), you need perfectly round wheels. When one area of your life is lacking, that area of the wheel becomes flat. Here is an illustration to help visualize your “wheel of wellness” (please excuse my penmanship!).


Imagine trying to ride a bike with a wheel like the one above. Chances are good you wouldn’t make it very far before giving up.

Your wheel may look different than mine, but most likely you have one (or more) areas that need work. So what do we do? Typically, we throw ourselves into those areas we know best. Work isn’t going well, so we exercise as a way to release the stress. Our marriage no longer has the spark it once did, so we become workaholics . Our waistline has increased over the years, so we pour our heart and soul into our kids. We don’t even know where to begin with our spiritual life, so we organize a girls’ night out every week. There are a million different scenarios, but you get the idea.

Find the flat(s) in your wheel of wellness, and face them head on. But how, you ask? Here are two simple strategies to help guide you towards a better, braver, happier YOU.

  • Core Habits: A few years ago I read the book Off Balance by Matthew Kelly. He talks about identifying your core habits, which he defines as “the daily habits that keep you healthy, focused, and energized”. Basically- what things do you need to do EACH DAY to be your BEST SELF. Take a moment to identify your own core habits. I recommend having between 3-5. Write them on a note card and place it somewhere visible to serve as a daily reminder. Here are mine 🙂            FullSizeRender


  • Habit Stacking: I read this in a magazine a few months ago, and for the life of me I can’t remember which one. This strategy is helpful anytime you are trying to incorporate a new habit into your life. If one of your core habits (mentioned above) is not something you already do on a daily basis, try to STACK IT on top of an existing habit. For example- maybe you want to pray more often. You could decide you will pray after you brush your teeth in the morning (I hope this is already a habit for you!!). You could even place a post-it-note on the mirror of your bathroom reminding you to say your prayers once you have finished polishing your pearly whites.

The journey towards the best-version-of-yourself is lifelong. There is always time to learn, room to grow, and beliefs to challenge. Each and every day presents an opportunity to round out your wheel, empowering you to take the ride of your life.

With love,







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