Living Legacy

"BETTER is better than more. " Seth Godin

“BETTER is better than more. ” Seth Godin

3 years ago I started this blog.

That means 3 years ago I was sitting in my hotel room in Montreal, having just gone out for a run after a long but rewarding day running an education consultant certification training, and was contemplating starting my own blog. As soon as the thought popped into my head, the song “Right Now” by Van Halen came on.

I took that as a sign, so I went back to my hotel room and wrote this post.

I look back now and laugh. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was writing about, all I knew is that I wanted to share.

I remember clicking the “publish” button. I immediately felt sick to my stomach. What if people don’t like it? What if no one comments? Who really wants to read what I have to say?

3 years later, I don’t think too much about the “publish” button. I just write. I’m still learning. Some day I’ll look back at this post and laugh. The more you do something, the better you become. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does make you BETTER.

The way I felt about the blog 3 years ago is now how I feel with iMoveU. I’m anxious, nervous and afraid of failing. But I keep on pushing.

I KNOW that in time, I’ll look back and remember this time in my life and wonder why I was so afraid.

I consider this blog my living legacy. I’m not writing this for anyone but myself and my children. If something were to happen to me, I want them to have a place to turn to where they can get to know their mom and understand what she went through, the good and the bad, to build the life she wanted for her family. I want to put my very best work online so I can model for anyone who wants to know more about what it looks like to live your truth and drown out the noise of the world. Because it’s not easy. It’s taken me 35 years to understand how to love and lead myself. It’s been a roller coaster of highs and lows these past few months. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, thank you for all your likes and comments, and thank you for sharing this with others when the messages I share resonate with you.

Happy 3rd birthday, Blog. Here’s to many more.




2 thoughts on “Living Legacy

  1. Thank you! Ginny, this post is exactly what I needed today. You see I was blogging for a year and half and then I stopped (because life took over). I have been wanting to blog again for several months… Now I know that I want and NEED to revisit my blog and begin it again and keep going. Thank you so much for the inspiration today!!!!

    • Hi Ketsana! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment- I neglected my blog for a few years too- with the kids, work and life I would always think about what I wanted to write but never took the time to do it. I look forward to reading your blog:) Hugs to you!

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