Broadcast Yourself

This post is for my EDIM 514 Internet Tools for Teaching grad class.

This week our assignment was to broadcast ourselves sharing information and/or ideas. The topic could be anything we wanted, and we had a variety of platforms to chose from to broadcast.

I always find it more engaging to present with a partner, so I reached out to the class to see if anyone was interested in working together on this project. I have done a number of broadcasts for work and wanted the chance to help walk someone through it who might be nervous doing this for the first time.

I worked with Kristy Josuweit, a vision teacher based in Pennsylvania. We decided on the topic “Tools for Teaching” where we would each share 3 tools educators could use in the classroom. To broadcast ourselves we used Google + Hangouts on-air. This allows us to broadcast live and automatically creates an archive of the video on your YouTube channel. We promoted our boradcast on Twitter, Facebook, and email to our class.

Prior to our live broadcast, we jumped on a hangout to practice. We walked through the 6 tools we were going to share, and practiced using the screenshare option in hangouts.

The live broadcast went smoothly for the most part. We were both presenting from home and of course our dogs decided to bark at various points during the broadcast. There were also a few moments when the broadcast had a bit of a delay but nothing too drastic.

We had 2 viewers, both from our EDIM 514 class ( thank you Karen and Kevin for joining!!). One challenge that Google Hangouts on-air has is that if you want to see what others are saying in the “comments” section under your video, you constantly have to refresh the page. It’s difficult to do with only one monitor as I have to pull up my Google + profile page and refresh, which means I can’t see the hangout window. Because I’ve done a number of hangouts this wasn’t a big deal, but I remember being very frustrated and flustered with this issue the first time I did one.

We asked the audience to share how they used some of the tools we were discussing and we did have a few great comments that we were able to incorporate into the broadcast. It’s always great to hear how others are using tools like Prezi, Edmodo, Livebinder, Animoto, Padlet and Board Builder in their classroom.

Below is an archive of our broadcast. This is a platform that is very easy to use and allows you to archive it on YouTube. I would use this with teachers as part of a PD session as well as with students so they can broadcast themselves to an authentic audience. It can help them begin to build their digital portfolio by creating a number of broadcasts throughout the year.


Enjoy our broadcast!


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