This post is for my EDIM 514 Internet Tools for Teaching course.

This week I chose to participate in a “Twitterthon” where I spent time actively sharing on Twitter and following new people. Since I have been out on maternity leave I haven’t been active on Twitter so it was nice to spend the week taking time to share and finding new educators to follow.

The first thing I noticed this week was the unfortunate side of Twitter. The minute I actively began tweeting again, I received a number of spam messages through tweets and direct messages. It didn’t bother me much as I have been on Twitter for a number of years and I’m used to the spam. But I can imagine for an educator new to Twitter this could cause them to not want to use this platform.

What I really like about Twitter is the ability to share any resources or ideas with your PLN. In order to find things to share, I went into my Feedly account which I use to follow a number of educational blogs. From Feedly you can tweet the blog posts you are reading. There were a number of posts I shared this week that were either “favorited” by others or retweeted (see image)

Twitter 1









I also spent some time finding new educators to follow. I started with the “who to follow” feed that shows up on the left side of the page. There were several great educators I found that way. I then went to some of the more active educators I follow to see who they were following and added some that way as well. Lastly, I went to my followers and added those that had recently started to follow me. I think it is important to reciprocate and follow those that follow you (unless their profile looks like they are would just be tweeting spam and are not legitimately interested in the same things you are).

I have tried Tweetdeck but for some reason I prefer good old I also used the Twitter app on the iPad which I realized for the first time how much I liked it vs. looking at Twitter on my computer.

Even though I have been “Tweeting” for a few years, I didn’t experience as much interaction with my PLN as I would have hoped this week. I think some of that is due to being on maternity leave, but I do think it takes a while to really see the benefits of Twitter. In order to increase interaction with others, I recommend participating in chats like #edchat or #denchat, as well as replying directly to your PLN’s tweets to develop strong relationships with them.


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