Integrating Social Media Into the Classroom

This Post is for my EDIM 514 Internet Tools for Teaching course.

Subject/Grade: Middle School Social Studies

Unit: Revolutionary America- Britain vs. the Colonists

Goals and Objectives: Through this unit, students explore the events that led to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and explore the essential question: Why did the colonists risk their lives to fight for independence from Britain?

In order for students to experience a social learning environment, Edmodo will be used to pose questions, foster discussions and share resources with one another.


As students explore this chapter, they will discuss the readings and share resources with one another in a class Edmodo group. At the beginning of the unit, the teacher will share the Edmodo code with the students so they can join the group.

Each day, there will be at least one post by the teacher. It could be a question, poll, quiz, or request for information. (See screen shots below). Students will interact in Edmodo as they learn about the events that led to the Revolutionary War.

Edmodo 3 Edmodo 2 edmodo 1





There are two main ways I would evaluate the use of Edmodo. The first way would be to track the activity by the students to see if those that were more active ended up scoring better on the end of unit assessment. The second way I would evaluate this would be to give students a quick survey that asks them about their experience using Edmodo and how it helped them to learn from one another and engage in the unit.


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