I Knew I Wanted To Be An Educator When…

This post is for my Internet Tools for Teaching course.

This week we had to create a digital story using a cell phone. All of the images and videos were captured with a cell phone, and I used iMovie on the iPad to create the video.

This was my first time using iMovie on the iPad. Previously I had only used it on my computer. It took a little getting used to as the interface was different, but it is very user friendly. I then sent the video via email to myself, and uploaded it to my YouTube account.

It is now easier than ever to create digital stories. Although these are short, they can be incredibly powerful. Students have access to cameras and recording devices on their phones, making creating a digital story easier than ever. Digital stories give students a voice, and people resonate and connect with stories.

For example, students could create a digital story on bullying. They could take pictures and video of students pretending to bully other students, and then using a tool like iMove or Movie Maker, they could talk about the importance of stopping bullying and add a song in the background.

Digital stories allow students to create something new and share it with the world.

Here is my video. Enjoy!


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