Pulling Into Traffic

I do it every day without even thinking about it. Living in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with an office on Michigan Avenue, traffic is a part of my everyday life. It greets me with a slow smile, teasing me as it opens up around a corner just so I can see the break lights ahead. (I hate you, I-90.)

Your traffic experience may be a bit different than mine. A traffic jam in your world might mean more than one car at a 4-way stop. That’s how it was for me growing up in small town Iowa. Regardless of our geographic location, we all experience traffic.

I’m in the second week of my Digital Storytelling grad school class. My instructor happens to live near me so we took the opportunity to meet for coffee this past week. As we were talking about the upcoming project I explained to him how anxious I was about trying to learn iMovie. I just wanted to someone to sit with me and teach me all the in’s and out’s of the software. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to create the caliber of digital stories I expected of myself because of my lack of knowledge. He looked at me, smiled politely and said:

“Do you remember the first time you pulled into traffic in driver’s ed? Remember how nervous you were, and how hard you had to focus on what you were doing? When was the last time you even thought about pulling into traffic?”

There are a million ways he could have told me that I needed to learn the software on my own. That this was an important part of the learning process. But he didn’t. He told a story. A story that took me right back to the summer after 8th grade when my heart was beating out of my chest as I pulled into traffic with my instructor Mr. Kruckenberg sitting quietly in the passenger seat. He was there to help me if I needed it, but he knew the importance of learning by doing.

I’m certain it would have been easier for someone to sit with me and show me the mechanics of creating a Digital Story using iMovie. But then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to pat myself on the back for creating this all on my own. It’s exciting to see what we can accomplish when we put anxiety aside and focus.

The following video was created for my grad school class as an introductory video. The purpose was to introduce myself, where I live and what I do. Not too shabby for an iMovie newbie! I hope you enjoy. 


2 thoughts on “Pulling Into Traffic

  1. Love your video. I was introduced to iMovie a year ago. It took me nearly 2 hours to make a 1 minute biography video for grad school.

    I’m happy to report that it doesn’t take me quite as long now to create videos. 🙂

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