Glog Project

The following is for my EDIM 508 grad school class.

This week our project was to create a Glog that can be used to model as a tool for the “creating mind” discussed in Gardner’s book.

I developed a Glog that focuses on the 2012 Presidential Election.

As I reflect on this project I am aiming to answer the following question:

How can you use Glogster in your classroom this school year to foster the development of the creating mind?

“The mind of a five-year-old represents, in one sense, the height of creative power”. (Gardner, p. 84) As children enter a formal schooling environment it’s important to continue to cultivate and foster their creative mind. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, it is essential for educators to spend more time facilitating the learning process and allow students to take ownership of their learning. As they take on the task of learning new information we need to ensure we provide a variety of outlets for the students to express what they have learned. Glogster is a great tool to use for students to create content. This Web 2.0 tool allows for them to easily insert their own thoughts, images, audio, video, hyperlinks and animations. It allows the students to be creative with multiple options to customize the Glog to truly make it their own. Because this is an online tool, students can share the link to their blog and receive feedback through the comments feature. As students compare their Glog to their peers they can see the information in a variety of ways and from new perspectives. What one student learns about a topic like the presidential election may be different than their neighbor. By seeing their own thoughts compared to their peers it allows them to see a bigger picture and to understand they all play an important role in the learning process. In order to truly understand new information one of the most important things a student can do is put it in their own words so it makes sense to them. Providing access to a tool like Glogster allows students to easily create their own understanding of the content in a fun, interactive and customized way.

Click HERE to view my Glog.


Gardner, H. (2008). Five Minds for the Future. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Press.


2 thoughts on “Glog Project

  1. Way Cool! As a new graduate student majoring in Education Instructional Technology, I’m amazed at all the applications available. I never heard of Glog until I read your article. I loved the interaction and subject matter you selected.

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