Media Infused Presentation Reflection

The following is a blog post for my EDIM 508 grad class.

As I reflect on this first project I was asked to answer the following question: “In what practical ways can a media-infused presentation like the one you created help foster the development of both the disciplined and synthesizing minds?”

When you integrate various forms of media into a presentation or lesson plan you are instantly appealing to multiple learning styles. This allows the teacher to reach more students and reinforce what they are learning by not only reading it but also hearing it seeing it and interacting with it. Students are growing up in a digital society and are used to interacting with various forms of digital media throughout their day. It is essential leverage these resources to capture their attention and increase engagement. Providing students choices in how they learn the content allows them to take ownership of their learning. It’s not important how they come to learn it, it’s what they carry forward with them (apply the new knowledge) that counts.

An engaging presentation build in Prezi can help to motivate students to develop their disciplined mind. As Gardner states “A disciplined individual continues to learn…not because she has been programmed to spend two hours a night hitting the books. Rather, she continues to learn for 2 other reasons: (1) she realizes she must become a lifelong student; (2) she has come to enjoy the process of learning about the world”. (p. 41)  So many students today have lost their love of learning due to the “drill and kill” in so many classrooms. When teachers use a variety of media to engage students and “hook” them into the learning they realize that learning can be fun. Students start to continue to learn more about the topic because it is interesting and they can connect personally with the information.

Today’s students live in a world of information abundance and it is imperative that they develop their synthesizing mind in order to quickly sift through disparate sources of information to inform their thinking and to help make decisions. A media-infused presentation can provide students with the information they need in a variety of formats so they can see the whole picture and begin to synthesize what they are learning.


Gardner, H. (2007). Five Minds for the Future. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

 Click here for my Prezi Presentation




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