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The following is a blog post for my EDIM 508 graduate class


I am no longer in the classroom however I am a former middle school social studies teacher so the topic I have selected for this blog post is the presidential election.

It’s important for students not only to understand the election process but to also understand the ways in which they can be an active and informed citizen. In Gardner’s book (2007) he talks about the importance of approaching a topic “in a number of ways” to engage students.

Discovery Education has a wonderful resource page for the 2012 presidential election. Each week they have a new video summarizing the week along with corresponding activities. When discussing the presidential election I can share this video resource (link below) with the students to summarize what new developments have happened in the past week. This engages the visual and auditory learners. I can also use the transcript of the video (which is included on the video link) to copy and paste into Woordle. This would help the visual and spatial learners to see what the main points of the video were and help spark classroom discussion. I could also put the transcript up on an interactive whiteboard and have students highlight words and sentences and categorize them. This would appeal to the kinesthetic learners. I could replay the video and have the students hold up “fact” or “opinion” card when they hear Obama and Romney speak.

Leveraging digital content  like this video provides multiple entry points for students to explore a topic. This naturally leads to a higher level engagement and deeper understanding for all students.


Link to DE Resource: 


Gardner. Howard. (2007). Five Minds for the Future. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

MacNeil Lehrer,  (2012). Election 2012: Week 03. [Full Video]. Available from


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